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Company Overview

Goods and Services

Fleadh Electronics Limited offers contract engineering and consultancy services, specialising mainly in the field of power electronics and motion control. The company's mission is to exploit advances in power electronic circuit topologies, advanced motor technology and digital control to improve the environment and peoples quality of life. This can be achieved by developing greener power conversion technology and energy sources, and improving the energy efficiency of electronic power supplies and motor drives in all manner of consumer and industrial products. Fleadh can undertake a feasibility study into the practicalities of your requirements, highlighting the most suitable technologies for realising your design as product at the right performance and cost.

Areas of Expertise

Prototype design and construction of novel systems for static power conversion and electric motor drives. Embedded software development on platforms ranging from low-end microcontrollers to DSPs and FPGAs, with the emphasis on introducing intelligent digital control techniques to power electronic systems. Bespoke software for simulating and designing motor drives, power converters and digital control systems. Expert advice in intellectual property, meeting international standards and the trends in commercial product development and academic research in power electronics and motor drives.

Website Resources

This website also offers information and useful links to areas of power electronics. There is detailed listing of journals & magazines of interest to the power electronics and motor drives commuunity, a conference listing archive and a list of patent offices with links to searchable databases. A members section includes a searchable bibliography database of published patents, papars and dissertations relating to switched reluctance motor technology (Brivit™). A library of downloadable papers and non-commercial reports by the company. To access these free resources, registration is required.


Fleadh Electronics has been trading system 1999 and was founded by Dr. Steve Watkins who has over 25 years of experience in power electronics and motion control. Previous satisfied customers have included Aisin Seiki, Arçelik, Baldor Electric Company, Dyson, Grundfos, Phillips Electric and Sulzer.

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